Whale Watching in Hervey Bay



At the beginning of September I returned to Hervey Bay for the second time this year with the family in tow. Our goal was to make sure the kids got to see some whales up close. Our last trip at the beginning of July was just before the whales had started to arrive. The day started with some early morning rain which then cleared as we headed to Urangan Harbour and our boat for the day which was with Whalesong Cruises. While the clouds had cleared, the wind had unfortunately picked up from the north. This wind direction results in not so smooth waters in Platypus Bay where the Humpback Whales reside. That was the downside. On the upside it was perhaps the best Whale Watching day that I have ever had. We got to spend several hours with the Whales circling the boat, raising their fins in the air, playing, and occasionally performing a breach for us. Despite most of the family feeling a bit green, the whales certainly made up for it. The best of my images from the day are shown below. I hope you enjoy them.




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